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The Diamond Qikung 金刚气功
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The Form of Diamond Qigong 金刚气功的功法


This form of Qigong which originated from India was based on the understanding of the principles of Nature. This is one of the oldest and most original form of Qigongs. The basic training consists of two main parts: Walking and Standing. The practice is very simple. It does not require you to visualise or focus your attention on anything. Breathing is natural and no special mode is required. You only need to relax fully.

Walking Exercise - Tap the floor with a slight knock at the heel, then lower the sole and grip the floor with all the five toes. Do this alternatively with the left and right foot as you move forward. Both hands can swing alternatively to the left or right as you like. Relax and breathe naturally. This exercise is mainly to strengthen our leg meridians (the channels where Qi flows) and to improve our Qi sensation of our legs and also to exercise our ten toes.

Standing Exercise – Assume a certain standing posture. Relax your body fully. Breathe naturally and do not visualise or focus your attention on anything. Practicing this exercise can induce the flow of Qi in your body. Some movements of the body will be manifested subconsciously. The movements will vary and change according to the flow of your Qi. This is one of the fastest methods of cultivating Qi. It's main characteristic is that even though our movements are manifested subconsciously, our mind is clear, fully awake and alert.

On the surface, Diamond Qigong is like a form of Spontaneous Qigong. But when one reaches a high level of this Qigong, the spectacular phenomenon manisfested are not what Spontaneous Qigong can do. When you first learn Qigong, the Qi will always flow to the part of the body that is ill or painful. The Qi will automatically perform restoration and healing on it to improve the physical condition thus achieving the purpose of "heal if ill or improve physical health if no illness." We call this in Qigong practice as "mending the walls and filling the potholes of the roads", but in Diamond Qigong practice we call this "Self Enlightenment".

When a higher level of practice is reached, the quality and sensation of Qi will improve correspondingly. One's Qi will begin to extend outward. That is to say one's Qi will naturally communicate and interact with the qi of other people. Practicing under this environment of unification and interaction with each other's Qi, both our skills will improve even faster, benefiting both parties. When we reach this level, in Diamond Qigong practice we call it "Enlightening Others". Furthermore, our Qi can also communicate with flowers, plants, trees and mother nature. This is when one enters the state of unification with universe which will enhance our power further and have a deeper understanding of mother nature. All these phenomenon will appear naturally and unconsciously. There is no necessity to pursue them on purpose. In Diamond Qigong, we do not stress on conscious pursuit. We emphasise on "Natural or Auto". We practise "Non-Dwelling" and "Formless".


金刚气功 - 源自于印度,是从天地万物自然科学里所参悟出来的一套功法。也是最古老最原始的功法之一。其功法基本上可分“行功“和“站桩”两种练法。练法非常简单,不讲求意念,不用集中精神,呼吸自然,全身放松即可

行功 -要求脚跟轻轻敲地,接着脚掌触地,五根脚趾轻轻抓地,左右脚交替向前行走。双手可随意左右摇摆,身体保持轻松,呼吸自然。行功主要是练习我们脚上的经脉,增强脚上的气感,同时也让十根脚趾得到适当的运动。

站桩 - 通过某种站立的姿式,身体保持轻松,呼吸自然,无需意念或集中精神。练习站桩,可引发身体内气的运转,使人不自主地做出一些不规则的动作,动作随着内气的运转而变化。站桩可说是练功方法中最快得气的一种练法,其特点在于当我们随着气的引导做出各种不同的动作时,我们的精神意识仍然是清醒的。



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